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Mi Ultimo Adios of Dr Jose Rizal

Here’s a copy of the famous farewell poem written by Dr. Jose Rizal at the eve before his execution at Bagumbayan, December 30, 1898 MI ULTIMO ADIOS (My Last Farewell) ¡Adiós, Patria adorada, región del sol querida, Perla del mar de oriente, nuestro perdido Edén! A darte voy alegre la triste mustia vida, Y fuera […]

Famous Filipino Photographs

The First place winning photograph (Camera Club 2008) of Francis Magalona, famous Filipino rapper.

Pride of the Philippines

Whenever people hear about the Philippines they often think of its beautiful beaches, islands and sunny weather. Some may even have a hard time pinpointing it in a map. But the truth is there are already so many Filipinos that have excelled in different fields and that are slowly creating another beautiful image for the […]