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Pinoy Rap and Rock

Despite the strong influence of R&B in the Philippine music scene due to domination of western songs Pinoy Rock and Rap still continues to linger. The advocates of Pinoy Rock music gets younger and younger making it easier to approach to their market. Pinoy Rock songs could be classified into different genre: Ethnic, Alternative, Punk […]

Philippines Singing Sensations

Filipinos are widely known for being good singers. Hearing them belting out a popular song of Mariah Carey or Beyonce while taking their shower or even more during special occasion with the family’s Karaoke. Here is the list of famous Filipino singers both international and local. Lea Salonga , the multi-awarded singer, stage actress and […]

Pride of the Philippines

Whenever people hear about the Philippines they often think of its beautiful beaches, islands and sunny weather. Some may even have a hard time pinpointing it in a map. But the truth is there are already so many Filipinos that have excelled in different fields and that are slowly creating another beautiful image for the […]