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May 2009

Travel guide Donsol (Whaleshark Watching)

Whale shark watching is definitely a must when you are visiting Philippines. You can do it yourself or if you are travelling with your friends and family even better. Just be sure of one thing, that you visit them during the season they are in Sorsogon. To help you even better in preparing your match […]

Other things to do in Pagudpud

Although to many going to Pagudpud means only enjoying and frolicking the beach, well you are mistaken. For there are a lot of exciting things we can do when visiting Pagudpud. 1. Start with the Pagudpud Viaduct 2. Stop by at Paraiso ni Anton (Anton’s Paradise) Beside the grotto there is a clean stream nearby […]

Visiting Vigan

There are so many exciting things to do and visit in Ilocos Sur. You can start with Vigan followed by the Crisologo Museum, Vigan Park how about a little bit of strolling in the City to enjoy the famous empanada, okoy and other delectable Ilocos goodies. 1. Vigan City Found in the province is the […]

Travel guide Ilocos

Ilocos Sur The province of Ilocos Sur is often dubbed as a living museum of a spirited past because of the strong presencen of Spanish legacy where myriad of cultures and histories converge. In here you will find a national shrine, a national landmark, a national museum, heritage museums, ancestral houses, period houses, cobble-stoned streets […]

Bitso Bitso (Pinoy Donut)

Long before Dunkin Donuts or Mister Donuts mushroomed in the surface of Manila, Filipinos already loved this sweet puff creature. On afternoon snacks, our grandfathers have enjoyed a great deal of this filipino style donut. Bitso Bitso (Pinoy Donut) Ingredients: 150 g of flour 1 tablespoon of orange water 50 g of sugar 2 tablespoons […]

Philippine Celebrity Recipes

We all have our favorite celebrities. But we know very little about their private lives. If they excel in sports, do they love reading books or strolling around? It is intriguing enough to know if they are food lovers and good cooks.  Well to satisfy the fanatics in you and your hungry stomacs here are […]

Butanding of Sorsogon (Whale sharks)

Donsol, is a small fishing town, 600Km away from Manila located on the southwest coast of Luzon. For a long time this area in Philippines is frequented by Whale Sharks, called “Butanding” in local Filipino dialect. Local fishermen were aware of them but it was like a best kept secret. Some fishermen used to eat […]

Beef Salpicao

The word Salpicao is probably portuguese in origin, the original translation is  a “pork sausage”. Then there is  also the variation calling it Salpicado. And more recently, Solomillo or Beef or Steak a la Pobre, a filet mignon served with garlic potatoes. Essentially, the version we know and like in the Philippines is a soft  […]

Adobong Ilonggo

Adobo is a Spanish term for marinade or seasoning but in Philippines it is considered the most popular dish among Filipinos.  Every region has their own version of this dish inspired by the Spaniards their colonizer for three centuries garnished with Filipino’s ingeniuty.  Here’s a recipe of a famous filipina actress who is also a […]

Chicken Kinasal

Are you familiar with tabon tabon fruit? Probably not.  A fruit native only to northern Mindanao and Camiguin Island. This is an intriguing fruit that physically looks like an elongated chico, with a hard shell, but the pulp inside looks unusual and somewhat like a split brain. Tabon tabon was said to be the key […]

Types of Business Entreprises in the Philippines

For any investor whether local or foreign planning to do a business it is important to be acquainted with the different forms of businesses in the Philippines. There is no better or less than the other, know which one fits your needs and that suits you well. These are the different types of business entreprises […]

Ensaymada, Ensemada anyway you like it

Spanish influence on Filipino cuisine is still evident despite strong american influence. Ensaymada is one of those afternoon bread we love to eat that we inherited from the Spaniards. This is originally a Majorcan brioche, a giant rolled brioche that’s totally filipinized to our palate. With butter, sugar and grated cheese on the top, perfect […]

Pinoy Rap and Rock

Despite the strong influence of R&B in the Philippine music scene due to domination of western songs Pinoy Rock and Rap still continues to linger. The advocates of Pinoy Rock music gets younger and younger making it easier to approach to their market. Pinoy Rock songs could be classified into different genre: Ethnic, Alternative, Punk […]

Famous Filipino Photographs

The First place winning photograph (Camera Club 2008) of Francis Magalona, famous Filipino rapper.

Philippines Singing Sensations

Filipinos are widely known for being good singers. Hearing them belting out a popular song of Mariah Carey or Beyonce while taking their shower or even more during special occasion with the family’s Karaoke. Here is the list of famous Filipino singers both international and local. Lea Salonga , the multi-awarded singer, stage actress and […]

Best Destinations in the Philippines

If you love adventure, beaches, sun and you have never been to Asia. Philippines is definitely an excellent place to start your travel. It has everything that you could ever want to see on your holidays: an interesting city like Manila, white sand and crystal blue beaches, lovely nature, incredible mountain scenery, good food and […]

Pancit Canton

Have you ever imagine celebrating your birthday without a pansit (noodle) on the table. Well that’s a big mortal sin for the Filipinos. For no birthdays or family gathering is complete without a pancit on the table. A sign of longevity and strong family ties. Definitely we owe this to strong chinese influence but our […]


Adobo is Filipino’s all-time favorite dish. A classic one inherited from our great colonizers the Spaniards but definitely filipinized to adopt to our palate. Adobo is so versatile we can almost do it with different kinds of meat, fish or even vegetables. Try this beautiful blending of chicken and pork simmered to perfection! Take note […]

Practical Information

Here are some useful information you will be needing if you travel to Philippines. Money Matters Philippines is one of the “value for money” places to stay in Asia. Although it may not be the cheapest in Asia, traveling is still considerably affordable for Western standards. Travel expenses could go up or down depending on […]

Tourism in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the great places to visit in Asia. Dubbed as the country of thousand fiestas and smiles this country has definitely a lot to offer. Wow Philippines Tourism is an important economy in the Philippines. The flagship campaign of Department of Tourism “WOW Philippines” for the first time after so many […]

Pride of the Philippines

Whenever people hear about the Philippines they often think of its beautiful beaches, islands and sunny weather. Some may even have a hard time pinpointing it in a map. But the truth is there are already so many Filipinos that have excelled in different fields and that are slowly creating another beautiful image for the […]

Starting a business

Are  you a risk taker? Do you have entrepreneurship spirit in you? Well if it is business that you are interested you have come to the right place. Starting up a business in the Philippines is easy depending on the type of the business entreprise that you would like to put up. Mostly Filipinos tend […]

Philippine History

This is what is taught in Philippine education system on how the history of Philippines started. We know very little about our beginnings. In fact all the materials before the Spaniards arrived were unfortunately destroyed purposely by the Spaniards so that Philippine history would start with them. Before Spanish Arrival Negritos are believed to be […]

Fast Facts about the Philippines

The Philippines is made up of 7,107 islands covering a land area of 115,739 sq. m. (299,764 sq. km.). Main island groups are Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Capital is Manila. Time Zone is GMT + 8 hours. CLIMATE March to May is hot and dry. June to October is rainy, November to February is cool. […]

Map of the Philippines

Here are some interesting collection of different maps of the Philippines at a course of time… The current map of the Philippines Seventeenth Century map of the Philippines Old map of the Philippines Map of the Philippines used during WWII


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