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Philippine Celebrity Recipes

We all have our favorite celebrities. But we know very little about their private lives. If they excel in sports, do they love reading books or strolling around? It is intriguing enough to know if they are food lovers and good cooks.  Well to satisfy the fanatics in you and your hungry stomacs here are […]

Beef Salpicao

The word Salpicao is probably portuguese in origin, the original translation is  a “pork sausage”. Then there is  also the variation calling it Salpicado. And more recently, Solomillo or Beef or Steak a la Pobre, a filet mignon served with garlic potatoes. Essentially, the version we know and like in the Philippines is a soft  […]

Adobong Ilonggo

Adobo is a Spanish term for marinade or seasoning but in Philippines it is considered the most popular dish among Filipinos.  Every region has their own version of this dish inspired by the Spaniards their colonizer for three centuries garnished with Filipino’s ingeniuty.  Here’s a recipe of a famous filipina actress who is also a […]