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Pinoy Fruit Salad

“The creamier the better.” Sometimes I wonder what makes filipinos crazy about Fruit Salad! For no special occassion is complete without this dessert to finish off all those mouth-watering dishes that we ate. Pinoy Fruit Salad is different because we love it sweet, creamy and gooey! The longer they stay in the fridge the better […]

Bitso Bitso (Pinoy Donut)

Long before Dunkin Donuts or Mister Donuts mushroomed in the surface of Manila, Filipinos already loved this sweet puff creature. On afternoon snacks, our grandfathers have enjoyed a great deal of this filipino style donut. Bitso Bitso (Pinoy Donut) Ingredients: 150 g of flour 1 tablespoon of orange water 50 g of sugar 2 tablespoons […]