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Lanzones, legend says that mortals couldn’t it this fruit for it is poisonous.  A fairy then pricked each of this fruit to let humans eat it safely.  This legend explains the “unexplainable marks” inside the fruit of lanzones.  Whether its true or not, it would have been such a waste if humans couldn’t taste this […]

Buko Salad Ice-candy

When summer is hot there is no better way to beat it but by eating cold stufs.  Filipinos love cold snacks like Halo-halo or Banana con hielo for they are easy to make and are definitely delicious.You can always find one at a nearby shop.  Kids on the other hand enjoy ice-candy all year round.  […]


Siopao is one of my favorite Filipino snack.  In my family we love to pair it with wonton soup and some siomai dipped in soy sauce and Kalamansi. Although we used to cook our own siopao , nowadays buying is a lot easier than cooking them as you can even find them in some Fastfood […]

Pinoy Fruit Salad

“The creamier the better.” Sometimes I wonder what makes filipinos crazy about Fruit Salad! For no special occassion is complete without this dessert to finish off all those mouth-watering dishes that we ate. Pinoy Fruit Salad is different because we love it sweet, creamy and gooey! The longer they stay in the fridge the better […]

Bitso Bitso (Pinoy Donut)

Long before Dunkin Donuts or Mister Donuts mushroomed in the surface of Manila, Filipinos already loved this sweet puff creature. On afternoon snacks, our grandfathers have enjoyed a great deal of this filipino style donut. Bitso Bitso (Pinoy Donut) Ingredients: 150 g of flour 1 tablespoon of orange water 50 g of sugar 2 tablespoons […]

Philippine Celebrity Recipes

We all have our favorite celebrities. But we know very little about their private lives. If they excel in sports, do they love reading books or strolling around? It is intriguing enough to know if they are food lovers and good cooks.  Well to satisfy the fanatics in you and your hungry stomacs here are […]

Beef Salpicao

The word Salpicao is probably portuguese in origin, the original translation is  a “pork sausage”. Then there is  also the variation calling it Salpicado. And more recently, Solomillo or Beef or Steak a la Pobre, a filet mignon served with garlic potatoes. Essentially, the version we know and like in the Philippines is a soft  […]

Adobong Ilonggo

Adobo is a Spanish term for marinade or seasoning but in Philippines it is considered the most popular dish among Filipinos.  Every region has their own version of this dish inspired by the Spaniards their colonizer for three centuries garnished with Filipino’s ingeniuty.  Here’s a recipe of a famous filipina actress who is also a […]

Chicken Kinasal

Are you familiar with tabon tabon fruit? Probably not.  A fruit native only to northern Mindanao and Camiguin Island. This is an intriguing fruit that physically looks like an elongated chico, with a hard shell, but the pulp inside looks unusual and somewhat like a split brain. Tabon tabon was said to be the key […]

Ensaymada, Ensemada anyway you like it

Spanish influence on Filipino cuisine is still evident despite strong american influence. Ensaymada is one of those afternoon bread we love to eat that we inherited from the Spaniards. This is originally a Majorcan brioche, a giant rolled brioche that’s totally filipinized to our palate. With butter, sugar and grated cheese on the top, perfect […]

Pancit Canton

Have you ever imagine celebrating your birthday without a pansit (noodle) on the table. Well that’s a big mortal sin for the Filipinos. For no birthdays or family gathering is complete without a pancit on the table. A sign of longevity and strong family ties. Definitely we owe this to strong chinese influence but our […]


Adobo is Filipino’s all-time favorite dish. A classic one inherited from our great colonizers the Spaniards but definitely filipinized to adopt to our palate. Adobo is so versatile we can almost do it with different kinds of meat, fish or even vegetables. Try this beautiful blending of chicken and pork simmered to perfection! Take note […]